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Updated on August 07, 2020 at 12:00 AM

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The last update of August 07, 2020 has 74 clues, all of which are answered below.

August 07, 2020 Answers

Drops from a workout
Singer who co-founded the AIDS-fighting Product Red
Grand slam quartet: Abbr.
Was obligated
Aspire laptop maker
Danish architect Jacobsen
Sold online
Progressive promoter played by Stephanie Courtney
Sever, with "off"
Elegantly groomed
Brief "I think"
H.S. ordeal
Bring together
Mozart title word meaning "all"
Noir film weapon
Zig or zag
Supervillain Luthor
Common soccer tie
Suffix with propyl
It may be glazed
Hash house tool
Outlying area, briefly
Pod in Southern cooking
Civil penalties
Novelist Seton
German no
Nectarine center
Enclosure for piggies?
Basketball Hall of Famer Frazier
Icelandic literary work
Whenever one's heart desires
Like pitches in the dirt
Short on tread
Monk's condition, in the TV show
Indoor ball brand
Warning words
Pixar's aspiring chef Remy is one
Fee for crossing
Queued up
Farm equipment
Possessive on a stock index
"Good gracious!"
Quick hellos
"Making It" co-host Poehler
Grudge holder's trait
"__ got this!"
KitchenAid competitor
Cast a ballot
Mob boss
Keystone St. port
Word of support
Clearasil shelfmate
Roman top
Caribbean cigar brand
Practicing for the marathon, say
1938 Dupont discovery
Inhales at mealtime
Watch a boxer, e.g.
"__ Lake"
"Hmm ... don't think so"
It may be on the house
Abbey area
Org. with a February All-Star Weekend
Soft & __: deodorant


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