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Updated on December 02, 2020 at 12:00 AM

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The last update of December 02, 2020 has 73 clues, all of which are answered below.

December 02, 2020 Answers

Tale about Tantalus, say
Gear tooth
Sets upon
Angelou or Dickinson
Celebrity chef Garten
Cause to blush
*Southeast Asian monarch
Fancy dresser
Common TV set-top box
Tokyo okay
Home of the Oregon Ducks
Place with pillows
*Pentateuch peak: Abbr.
Award named for Poe
Catcher's need
They, in Tours
PBS URL ending
*Warning on a street prophet's sandwich board ... or a hint to the answers to starred clues
Adams of "American Hustle"
Concert equipment
What 34-Down means in Swahili
*Guy who "Saves the World" on Netflix
__ constrictor
Smooth musical passage
Roam (about)
Dogspeak syllable
Roth __
Dr. Mom's skill
*Certain PAC-12 graduates
__ choy
FBI operation
Colorado's __ Park
Be in the red
Big show
AWOL trackers
Second person
__ Aviv
Start of many Web addresses
American literary form inspired in part by haiku
Tokyo-born artist
Diplomatic blunder
Wouldn't stop talking about
__ Dhabi
Holding back to gain an edge
Letter sign-off
Almost-home base
Port on its own gulf
Skeleton part
"Let me think ... "
"They're __ again!"
"Oh, really?"
Radner of "SNL"
List components
Cookout feature
He hung out with Pumbaa and Timon
Ocular surgical procedures
Comedic reaction involving a sprayed beverage
Georgetown athlete
Outlaw Kelly
Large arteries
Prefix with dynamic
Hang loosely
Moisten while cooking
Movie legend Greta
Medical research goal
Nuremberg "never"
Part of DJIA
Highest output
Something in the air
Altar promise


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