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Updated on September 22, 2020 at 12:00 AM

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The last update of September 22, 2020 has 74 clues, all of which are answered below.

September 22, 2020 Answers

Web site?
Guitarist Atkins
Director Preminger
Composer called "The March King"
Per person
Brunch, for one
Madison Ave. pro
"Night" author Wiesel
Top line of a lawyer's solicitation ad
Seafood platter accessory
AFL partner
Advertising come-on
Make beloved
Olds luxury car
Gamer's coin
Bit of ice hockey deception
SUV's "U," briefly
Leveling device
Pesky V-formation fliers
Gold and silver
Rhythmic Ravel classic
Its symbol is Sn
"Breaking Bad" org.
Iconic video game since 1978, and a hint to the circled letters
"Garfield" dog
Hot under the collar
"Ant-Man" star Paul
Let off, as steam
Developer of 51-Across
Big name in speakers
Reject as false
Highest world capital city
"__ matter of fact ... "
"The Fox and the Hound" fox
Retrace one's steps
Provincetown's peninsula
R&B singer Green
In good shape
Vaper's smoke, for short
Shakespeare's Globe, e.g.
Certain Nebraskan
Mother in Calcutta
Followed, as a suspect
Grizzled veteran
Desperate, as straits
Storied "Fountain of Youth" seeker Ponce de ___
Rosary sphere
With respect to, in a memo
Fannie __: mortgage nickname
Wreck completely
Signed off on
Casserole fish
Ready-go link
"D'oh!" gesture
__ of Man
Arizona city or landform
Apple center
Steered clear of
In the center of
Colonel's aspiration, perhaps
Soak up
Sonny and Cher, e.g.
Grunge fashion staples
Evoking a "Yum!"
Alaskan gold rush town
Blood conduit
British singer __ Ora
__ of Good Feelings
Jazz trumpeter Gillespie, familiarly


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