Crosswords With Friends December 22, 2017 Answers

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Plodded (through)
Dies down
Not quite shut
Where something can be set for later
Protected at sea
Queen of Heaven
"The terrible tsar has arrived," either way?
__ Field: NYC stadium
QB Peyton Manning has an NFL passing record 539 of them
"I could __ horse!"
"Sommersby" actor
Disappointed reaction to the censored version of "Fifty Shades of Grey," either way?
Amused initialism
Clumsy boats
Eponymous virologist
Part of NAFTA
39-Across, perhaps
Hawaiian greeting
"The Americans" actress Russell
Magic org.?
Query about the Cheshire's grin, either way?
Chipmaker's prefix
A, in many orgs.
"__ who?!"
DEA agent
Slip away
Mrs. Claus' remark about what she did to keep Santa home, either way?
__ Domini
Calendario units
Springsteen's "Born __"
__ innings
Measure of power
Tibet's place
__ jockey
Polished words
Nowhere near the norm
Ending with Tyrol
Common-interest group
Ready for the curtain to open
Sushi tuna
Rebel, in a way
Like some memes
Coaches' headaches
Big cat of film
Certain score
Give the okay
City near Kobe
Roulette bets
Actor Idris __
Sandwich side
Medieval Tatar chief
Ten up front?
Pose in yoga
Words just before leaving
How Rome wasn't built?
Piemonte city
Ready to be shipped
An eternity
Pass (out)
Food on the trail
Wine named for an Iberian city
__ grapes
Sicilian mountain
Derek and Peep
U.K. component


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