Crosswords With Friends January 14, 2020 Answers

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Watering hole
African language group
Suddenly took interest
Québec street
Future oak
Way to go it
City near the Great Salt Lake
Has to have
Biceps exercises
Hosting a show, briefly
Tennis do-over
Breyers __ Cookies & Cream
"Be yourself," nowadays
Arnaz-Ball production company
Muss, as hair
Magazine VIPs
Adjust to one's environment
Old fast fliers
Casino advantage
Fleshy fruit
Barbecue spot
Can opener
Feathered friends
Beethoven's "Tempest," e.g.
"Be right with you"
Chimps and gorillas
Furry sitcom extraterrestrial
Stick with a pin
Early American crop
Earth's most central geologic layer ... or what can be found in each set of puzzle circles
Geographer's volume
Tokyo-based watchmaker
No-frills bed
Filters (through)
Jacket material
"Very cute!" sounds
Tacit rules of male friendship
Was a sign of
Set right
Passes a law against
Pressure prefix
"I'm innocent!"
Barely detectable amount
Far from cool
Stein filler
Like many summer shoes
Still being shuffled
Tablet crushers
"The Time Machine" race
Little point to pick
Spiral-horned antelope
Tricky plan
Vientiane people
Poisonous African snake
Stew morsel
Vietnamese New Year
Cookbook verb
Spinal segment
Bit of baby talk
Often-abbreviated attire
Produce eggs
Put in the wrong folder
Pudding choice
Was humiliated
Laundry holders
"Easy to clean" ad claim
__-Cat: winter vehicle
DEA agent
Muscular power
Start of a counting rhyme
Cattle poker
Squeeze (out)


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