Crosswords With Friends February 14, 2020 Answers

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Penthouses, e.g.: Abbr.
Smartphone downloads
Metaphor for responsibilities
Adriatic port
March Madness org.
"Beavis and Butt-head" spin-off
Start of a Charles M. Schulz quote
Rub the wrong way
Twelve-step helper
Quote, part 2
Non-neutral atom
Light sleeper's distraction
Living area in "The Martian," with "the"
A Gabor sister
Acts of faith?
Classic sci-fi villain
Quote, part 3
1980s attorney general
Shade related to violet
Cope with
Dept. head
Quote, part 4
Source of a siren
"__ Mio"
End of the quote
Avian crop
Score symbols
"You're kidding!"
Whodunit canine
Club with a blue and white diamond logo
Phillies slugger Hoskins
Nair rival, once
Old counters
Hiking network
Defense attorney's concern
Be paid to watch, as children
Prefix with -gram
Techie training site
Caroline Islands republic
Dost speak
Legendary Carthaginian general
"You __ busted!"
Attach with string
__ City, Iraq
The Carpenters, for one
Deep-water fish
More wicked, in Worcester
Touching competition?
Guacamole fruit
Disease-stricken tree
Face off
Knee injury initials
Key letter
La preceder
Long shot
Coming-in hr., roughly
Sales staff member
Romanov adherents
Lyricist Sammy
Tech tutorials site
ER diagnostic tool
Yellowish brown
"Brideshead Revisited" novelist
Unfamiliar with
Sharable PC files
Brain and spinal cord: Abbr.
Saints' achievements: Abbr.


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